Protan Instant Bikini Bronze Mousse Top Coat (207ml)


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Pro Tan® One Coat Spray

For the ultimate deep, dark tan instantly… One Coat, non-streaking, ultra bronzing solution provides the perfect instant competition color.

One Coat gives you a natural looking black walnut color in seconds that washes off with soap and water immediately after use.

One Coat guarantees you the ultimate competition color and can also be used for modeling.

Product Description

This ultra dark bronzing mousse provides a dark, mahogany color perfect for all competitions! Easy to use, dries quickly, fades evenly.

Bikini Bronze is ideal for body builders, fitness models, actors, actresses and anyone who wants to have a beautifully dark instant tan.

Shake well before use. Use the attached applicator mitt. Using a small amount, rub onto clean, dry skin, one body part at a time. Allow color to dry before direct contact with clothes or water. Re-apply for a deeper color waiting approximately 1-2 hours before reapplication.

TO AIRBRUSH: Pour 3-4 ounces of color into airbrush cup. Spray from the top of your body down in a horizontal direction. Be sure to cover all areas. Dry body with air from the HVLP airbrush gun to speed u the process. For deepest results, apply directly over PRO TAN� Instant Competition Color. To seal in color and provide the perfect glisten apply MUSCLE JUICE or MUSCLE SHEEN to your physique before stepping on stage. Wash off after use with soap & water.

Prior to application make sure you use our Get Buffed� Pre-Tan exfoliator.

Helpful Tips

  • For deepest results apply directly over Pro Tan� Competition Color
  • To seal in color and provide the perfect glisten apply Muscle Juice� or Muscle Sheen� to your physique before stepping on stage
  • Wash off after use with soap and waterProduct Highlights
  • Darkest tan Available
  • Used since 1987
  • Wont run, streak, or wipe away
  • Looks natural
  • Tan lasts several days
  • Recommended by bodybuilders and fitness athletes all over the world
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