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New SIGNATURE line presents models inspired by soft feminine elements from the Beautiful Inside & Out collection.

Although the main element of the line is nice print composed of small “Ns”, these leggings are an exception. We combine the “high waist” cut, the very fine elastic material and the design that optically shapes the figure. The classic black and the decent logo on the bottom hem makes them beautifully simple, and the thin salmon stripe along the sides of the legs give it a nice stylish touch.

The hight waist cut will slighlty cover up your belly, optically prolong your legs and it looks very feminine. The leggings are made from a very fine and adaptable material, so you won’t even feel wearing them. The cut of the waist is designed in a letter „V“ so it will beautifully shape your hips and highlight your slim waist. The scrunch butt effect will make your butt look even better.

Extra fine material makes these leggings an elaborate piece of clothing made mainly for an active lifestyle. They highlight women’s beauty and they are so pleasant to wear that you wouldn’t want to take them off ☺ Very simple one-color design with a thin salmon stripe on the sides create nice line. Around ankles there is a stitching which creates wider hems and thanks to this they look more like pants.

The immortal black is easy to combine with every color and thanks to the small salmon detail, it is perfectly matching with our salmon tops.


  • timeless design
  • extra fine material
  • waist belt in the shape of letter “V”
  • high waist cut
  • beautifully highlights muscles
  • nice to touch
  • contrast salmon stripe on both sides
  • small logo on the left side
  • material: 79% polyamide, 21% elastane

Take care of your clothes and your planet

  • Wash at lower temperatures
  • Do not iron and dry in dryer
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • If you don’t want your clothes anymore, recycle it or give away ☺

How wonderful is it to be a WOMAN, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if we are tall or tiny, blond, brunette or redhead, with cute freckles and imperfect sun-kissed skin, with a juicy butt or small tits. It doesn’t matter if we love hard workout, thoughtful yoga or dance of any type. It is important to be confident, healthy and in love with our bodies. Because we are all BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT.

We have created the line that best represent the heart and soul of NEBBIA – the new SIGNATURE LINE of Beautiful Inside & Out collection. This new line is the best of the best of what we have ever produced. It is our definition of perfect. It’s all in the details. Because details matter.

We will be glad to have you in our NEBBIA family and to see you enjoing wearing our clothes. Let’s inspire together every woman and girl around you, to be proud of herself 🙂 

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