BMXX Taurus 2270gr

BMXX Taurus 2270gr
Μάρκα: BMXX
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: bmxx-taurus-2270gr
Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
Τιμή: 69,00€ 60,00€

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High protein containing foodstuff with vitamins, intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially designed for athletes, with sweetener.

TAURUS Beef Protein Complex by BMXX provides 95% of the highest quality Hydrolysed Beef Protein Isolate combined with Whey Protein to achieve maximum absorption.

The unique Protein Blend ensures a precise blend of amino acids, designed to create the optimal environment for exercise recovery and muscle growth.TAURUS delicious protein shake, with all the mentioned advantages, refills your muscles with the building blocks of its tissues.

Proteins derived from beef and whey, are high in the essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and very high in L-Glutamine, the most abundant free amino acid in human blood. Additionally, beef and whey proteins contain essential amino acids (EAAs). EAAs are necessary for the human body and muscle tissues, but it cannot synthesize EAAs so must be supplied by healthy diet, substrate for quick muscle uptake.


Nutritional Value /30gr /100gr
Energy 114kcal 379kcal
  482kj 1607kj
Protein 24gr 80gr
Carbs 2,4gr 8gr
of which Sugars 1gr 3,2gr
Fat 0,9gr 3gr
of which Saturated fat 0,6gr 2gr
Sodium 0,5mg 1,7mg
L-Arginine 50mg 167mg
L-Glutamine 50mg 167mg
BCAA's 2:1:1 50mg 167mg
Inulin from chicory(prebiotics) 20mg 67mg
Bromelain(digestive enzyme) 20mg 67mg




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