NEBBIA 207 Mini Top Supplex Black

NEBBIA 207 Mini Top Supplex Black
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: nebbia-mini-top-supplex-207-black
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Τιμή: 28,99€

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Engineered leggings from NEBBIA suplex collection are ultra flexible and adheasive to body during your performance. This functional material guarantee you high quality work out by all kind of sport activities.

This top is made from strong material which is great for sport activities such as running, roller skating, and all kind of cardio training. However you will love this top also on your regular work out in gym. Cutting on back side will highlight you well shaped V-back ! On front side isfeatured gatchering to make your decolt even more atractive.

82% polyamid, 18% lycra


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